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2003 Autumn - Asuka No.3 "Pedal the bicycle"
Drawing: pedal

The following day we were blessed with fine weather. We went cycling around Asuka by the rental bicycle. Although I, Peco, am swimming for training everyday, as we neared the steep slope of Okadera, I got out of breath.
"If I only knew, I would bring my road racer !"
"I want a motor-bycycle"
"hey! Wait a minute, please !"

But, it was extremely refreshed to run around with feeling the wind after a long time. Though I had had no confidence, I felt I could do "Cycle to the Silk Road" at this rate. A jump of logic as one always does. Now I remember, when we visited here about twenty years ago, I was running around with putting Deco who was round and chubby on the rear seat...

An exhibition of Mitsumasa Anno's paintings "The view of Asuka" was being held at Nara Prefectural Complex of Man'yo Culture. Japanese view which we are losing but don't want to was painted in his works. I could feel breathing and voices of living things from the "common" view of fields and rows of houses, and I was looking without wearing. I also felt the warmth as if the light went on at night. To our disappointment, its building was like a resort hotel, though wood suited in Asuka. But the exhibit which reproduced the ancient times was very interesting. They gave us a good picture of what buying, selling and craftsman's such as weaver and blacksmith lively life were like in those days.

By the way, we remembered to fulfilled our duty as the investigator about buckwheat noodles shop because of our sense of responsibility ? Where we visit was the buckwheat noodles shop in "the Asuka Aizome (deep blue dyeing) Museum". We were satisfied our stomach with buckwheat noodles and local dishes in the building which made good use of sake shop from the Edo period. When we had time to spare, we could watch the deep blue dyeing and the earthenware doll.

"When I have a persimmon..." (stanza of famous poet by Shiki Masaoka)
Speaking of Nara, Kakinoha sushi (which pressed rice in a square mold and wrapped in the persimmon's leaf) is famous. I agree with this indeed. How many trees of persimmon with fruit is ! The snake gourd ripened red and the chrysanthemum and cosmos were trembling in the breeze on the path between rice fields. We could commanded a distant view of Mt. Miminashi and Mt. Kaguyama from the beautiful terraced rice field. Asuka village was the root of the fondly-remembered landscape which appropriate to say "This is the very Japan". It was autumn trip that we, with joy, were tempted to stop and pointed our camera...

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Reproduction of the market in those days, tasty-looking
(2003-10-27 /Tomi)
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Two face stone. Everybody has two face ?
(2003-10-27 /Tomi)
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One by one from the right, please
(2003-10-27 /Tomi)
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Sakafune-Ishi ruins. Fresh sake is absolutely wonderful !
(2003-10-27 /Tomi)

written by Peco, illustrated by Poco

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