I almost did not attend Bouchercon in Baltimore. Ed Hoch, who died in last January, could not attend it, and his wife Pat said she would not attend it. But I decided to go to Bouchercon and managed to finish the commissioned work before the convention. Okay, I would not make any more unnecessary comment.

These following people are fortunate enough (or unfortunate enough, depending on your philosophy of life) to be photographed at Bouchercon in Baltimore from October 9 thru 12, 2008. I am sorry that I could not take pictures of everyone I know. I regrettably rejected a couple of photos because the eyes of the "subjects" were awkwardly shut. It was, of course, my fault, not my camera's, to fail to take the second shots.

Just click your mouse on the names of the persons whose photographs you want to view.

01. Chris Aldrich, of The Mystery News
02. John Apostolou
03. Charles Ardai, aka. Richard Aleas
04. Lori Armstrong
05. Sandy Balzo
06. Linwood Barkclay
07. Larry Beinhart
08. Mark Billingham
09. Claudia Bishop, aka. Mary Stanton
10. Cara Black
11. Michael Black
12. Peter Blau
13. Lawrence Block
14. Jack Bludis
15. Stephen Booth
16. Rhys Bowen
17. Dana Cameron
18. Henry Chang
19. Sean Chercover
20 . Lee Child
21. Meg Chittenden
22. Bonnie Claeson
23. Harlan Coben
24. Meredith Cole
25. Reed Farrell Coleman
26. Barbara Collins
27. Max Allan Collins
28. Thomas H. Cook
29. Troy Cook
30. David Corbett
31. Bill Crider
32. Blake Crouch
33. Susan Dunlap
34. Michael Allen Dymmoch
35. George Easter, of Deadly Pleasures
36. Dan Fesperman
37. Ted Fitzgerald
38. Margery Flax, of The Mystery Writers of America
39. Mary Frisque, of The International Association of Crime Writers
40. Larry Gandle
41. Victor Gischler
42. Doug Greene
43. Maggie Griffin
44. Joe Guglielmelli
45. Steve Hamilton
46. Carolyn Hart
47. John Harvey
48. Jeremiah Healy, aka. Terry Devane
49. Melodie Johnson Howe
50. Declan Hughes
51. Harry Hunsicker
52. Janet Hutchings, of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine
53. Jon Jordan, of Crimespree Magazine
54. Lynn Kaczmarek, of The Mystery News
55. Ali Karim
56. Toni L. P. Kelner
57. Jonathon King
58. Deen Kogan
59. J. A. Konrath
60. Michael Koryta
61. William Kent Kruger
62. Marvin Lachman
63. Linda Landrigan, of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine
64. William Lashner
65. Laura Lippman
66. Leigh Lundin
67. John Lutz
68. Gayle Lynds
69. Christine Matthews
70. Aaron Meyers (Arnette & Martin Meyers), at The Mysterious Bookshop in New York
71. Gary Warren Niebuhr
72. Louise Penny
73. Barbara Peters
74. Gary Phillips
75. Scott Phillips
76..J. Kingston Pierce, of The Rap Sheet
77. Thalia Proctor
78. Sam Reaves, aka. Dominic Martel
79. Gillian Roberts
80. S. J. Rozan
81. Janet Rudolph, of The Mystery Readers International
82. Marcus Sakey
83. Art Scott
84. Justin Scott
85. Zoe Sharp
86. Gerald So
87. Jason Starr
88. Daniel Stashower
89. Steve Steinbock
90. Steven Stilwell
91. Kate Stine, of The Mystery Scene
92. Duane Swierczynski
93. Stan Ulrich, of Stop, You're Killing Me
94. Arthur Vidro
95. James Lincoln Warren
96. Sarah Weinman
97. Dave White
98. Michael Wiley
99. Angela Zeman
100. Barry Zeman

Phew, that's all, folks! If you have some complaint or if I made any mistake, please let me know. I hope you enjoy the rogues' gallery. Well, I am not sure when I can attend Bouchercon next. (October 22, 2008)